Blue Power

blue power
Almost 600 million Africans do not have access to electricity.  Using a financially sustainable business model, NOTS gets solar lamps to the people who need them

Blue Charcoal


NOTS is working to make charcoal production in Africa more efficient and sustainable - helping to preserve Africa's forests and reduce reliance on charcoal income in the long-run.


NOTS invests in high-potential MFI's and is co-founder and 25% shareholder of Triple Jump BV, a developing country focused investment management firm with over €300 million under management.

About us

NOTS is a 'for-impact' enterprise that improves the livelihoods of people in Sub-Saharan Africa and preserves its beautiful nature by building businesses. 


4 November 2013

Highlights from workshop in Mali

On 30 October NOTS convened a group of charcoal producers, entrepreneurs and government officials
2 October 2013

NOTS goes to Springtij

NOTS mission to make charcoal sustainable in Sub-Saharan Africa took us to the island of Terschelling last weekend to attend Springtij Festival