What NOTS can do for you

Our mission is to bring lasting meaningful change to one of the world’s poorest regions. To create a movement, not just a market. To tear down the barriers - price, finance, payment models, manufacturing - to joining in. To lead the way, so others can follow suit. Working with you, to bring electricity to the 125 million African families that are currently without.

We’re looking for partners at every step of the way, from the ground up. Be it tried-and-tested entrepreneurs, CEOs with a social conscience, and investors looking for more than just a bang for their buck, right down to the end users looking for an entirely better solution to their current kerosene lamps. We need you.

Our blueprint is to create local renewable energy enterprises, to ultimately build and sell ‘Made in Africa’ Solar Home Systems, going full circle to achieve maximum social and environmental impact for those who need it most.

Read on to find out exactly what we can do for you.


EAF 125

Around 600 million people in Africa - 45% of the population - have no access to electricity. Instead, they rely on hazardous and costly kerosene lamps and candles,, and charge their mobile phones weekly in expensive kiosks.

EAF 125 aims to fix that. Our goal is electricity for all of them, by 2025.

From economic and social inclusion to light quality, better health and improved safety, there’s no denying the countless benefits that basic electricity access would grant the 125 million families that currently go without. Yet, despite their best efforts, local governments, electricity and solar home system companies, World Bank, UN and NGOs have failed to meet that challenge. Sadly, the 125 million number has remained steady  since 2010.

But we know how to solve this huge problem. All of the elements needed to turn this around by 2025 exist - mostly within Africa - today. NOTS Solar Lamps has been on the ground in these communities since 2011 and through this work we’ve pioneered a blueprint for ourselves and others to follow. It allows us to effectively work with like-minded partners to reach scale fast. To provide all 125 million African families with access to electricity by 2025, via SHS for Africa, made in Africa. To create the biggest social and economical transformation imaginable.

EAF 125 is a coalition of the willing. Will you join us?