Affordable electricity for all Rwandan families


A pilot project in three Rwandan districts (Gicumbi, Rulindo and Bugesera) will see 100,000 Airtel mobile subscribers offered the chance to purchase a NOTS Mutimax Solar Home System (SHS) via an innovative micro-loan payment scheme. After 100 weekly payments of USD 0,60 a family owns the Mutimax SHS and their lighting and power are then free.

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Roadtesting the Mutimax model


What does it take to make electricity affordable to the poorest families in Africa? Make it cheaper per week than kerosene, candles and mobile phone kiosks. Spread the cost with an  innovative microloan scheme, integrated with cashless mobile payment. Better still, make it free after 2 years.

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Bringing Electricity to all of Africa: A Blueprint for Impact Enterprises


Providing electricity to Sub Saharan Africa remains one of the biggest and most intractable challenges facing humanity. Can enterprises succeed where governments, institutions and NGOs have struggled?

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