Affordable electricity for all Rwandan families


Rwandans who are off-grid will soon get access to electricity for just Rwf 525 per week.

This unique proposition is an initiative of NOTS Solar Lamps Ltd, an impact enterprise with the goal of providing affordable electricity to about 900,000 Rwandan families through a NOTS’ MUTIMAX Solar System (MSS) for Rwf 52,500 on credit.

Once the payment is completed, the family will enjoy free electricity.

The proposition will be rolled out starting with a pilot project in three districts; Gicumbi, Rulindo and Bugesera.

As soon as NOTS receives green light from the government, it will set up a MSS manufacturing plant in Kigali, worth $70 million of investment.

NOTS’ operations in Rwanda are part of the firm’s broader plan for providing access to electricity to about 125 million families in Africa by 2025.

The foundation for this unique proposition was laid when the NOTS Founder and CEO, Bart Hartman, learned about “Bye Bye Nyakatsi”. Inspired by this, Hartman, developed “Bye Bye Agatadowa”, a program to replace all kerosene lamps in Rwanda with solar systems.

In October, 2015, Hartman presented his idea to President Paul Kagame, who embraced it.

“NOTS will offer a Tier 1 MSS – classified by SEforALL as equivalent to a grid connection – for less per week than the cost of kerosene, candles and mobile phone charging. Unlike pay-as-you-go SHS offerings, it reduces energy costs for the poorest rural families in Rwanda and, more importantly, gives them the confidence that the lights won’t suddenly go out.”

The MUTIMAX Solar System powers three lamps concurrently for 6 hours, plus a radio for 6 hours, plus 4 hours of mobile phone charging. The kit is more affordable, more convenient, brighter, safer and cleaner than the ‘agatadowa’…(kerosene lamp).

NOTS is exhibiting at the ongoing Transform Africa Summit.

Article from: Taarifa